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detail of the floor

Rue Michel-Ange


Entranceway to a Parisian building from the early XX century. The Mosaic in the entranceway, made of stoneware, had sustained water-damage.

Work undertaken: Design repaired in workshop and reinstated, cleansing and replacement of entrance-way by “Art du Marbre Concept”.

Les étapes de restauration

entranceway before restoration

old restoration to break.

before our intervention

purged support

The edges are consolidated with a resin and the coping is redone.

support before setting the new mosais

reconstruction of the motif on paper

The pattern is reconstituted backwards on paper, in the workshop.

iris pattern

restored mosaic

Mosaic restored, before the final cleaning.

after our intervention
Meilleurs Ouvriers de France
Mosaïque d’art