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facade of the Etoile Bleue, restoration of the door

Etoile Bleue


Early 2021, we restored the frame of the Etoile Bleue'door in Tours.  The work will continue in the years to come. Interventions: removal of mortar or cracked tesserae before re-gluing new tesserae. Cleaning, mineralization of the joint.

Les étapes de restauration

Mélaine at work

First step, clear the damaged tesserae as well as the excess mortar.

Mélaine lanoë, purge des lacunes

fissuration des tesselles

The door frame was pushed away from the masonry following a break-in, the mosaic therefore suffered the consequences of this shock, the tesserae located on the crack splited.

red cracked glass tesserae

clearance of cracks

Before placing new tesserae, we clear the damaged parts.

mosaic frame of the door of the Etoile Bleue


The threshold, slightly damaged, is composed of tesserae of stoneware. The rest of the frame is made up of very intense bright red glass tesserae. Its very dense and fine texture is particularly rare, we have never encountered it before. To replace them, we used enamels made by the Albertini family a master glassmakers.

threshold of the Etoile bleue
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