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mosaics created by Facchina, detail of angels

Basilique du Rosaire


Néo-Classical Mosaics of the XIX century created by Giandomenico Facchina (the inventor of the indirect technique). The restoration was performed between 2003 and 2004 under the direction of Michel Patrizio.

Work undertaken: Diagnosis, gap filling, cleaning for 5 out of the 15 chapels of the lower Basilica

Les étapes de restauration

chapel of the Nativity

In the empty gap, all the original mosaic has disappeared.

damaged mosaic of the Nativity Chapel in Lourdes

mosaic reconstituted in workshop

After re-creation of the drawing, the mosaic is stuck upside down on paper (reverso method). The materials are smalti and gold from Orsoni.

angel of the Nativity

step of installation

The mosaic is placed on site and connected with the existing. Integration must be as unobtrusive as possible.

laying the new mosaic

after restoration

State of the mosaic after our intervention.

the cul-de-four renovated
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