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Mélaine Lanoë and Marie-Laure Besson are mosaic artists. They met in Italy at the Frioul School of Mosaics where they graduated in 2003. After rubbing shoulders in the "Collectif Mosaïzm" and having worked on the same worksites for ten years, they decided to unite their resources under the banner of EMAAA. Simultaneously they each obtained the prestigious accolade of “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in the category Mosaic Art.

de France

In their workshop, situated in the industrial complex of “La Morinerie”, repurposed as a craft workshop in the Touraine region, they create together their tailor-made and imagination inspired mosaics.

Their craftsmanship is built-up from a knowledge of traditional techniques perfected in the melting pot of Italy. Whether it be the manipulation of tools and materials or the knowledge of a multitude of creation and finishing techniques. Strengthened by their technical foundations, the spirit of EMAAA adresses wider horizons, allowing their Mosaic work to interact and communicate with the world around it. In short, the EMAAA approach looks to be active, lively, and to resonate with the profusion of arts and decorative styles seen today.

The EMAAA workshop guarantees a high quality, meticulous standard of work thanks to both their technical knowledge and passion.

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Portrait de Marie-Laure Besson et Mélaine Lanoë

EMAAA's approach is active, alive and resonating with the profusion of today's decorative codes.

Mélaine Lanoë et Marie-Laure Besson
An ecologically responsible company

EMAAA is a member of Novabat an Activity Co-operative. As a member of the co-operative EMAAA commits to work as a sustainable, ethical business centred around the following values: reducing its environment footprint, promoting a fair and socially just economy, supporting and maintaining a wholesome commercial conduct, promoting democratic, co-operative and inclusive operations.

Meilleurs Ouvriers de France
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